One to One Sessions

I am able to offer 1:1 work using various formats:

  • Face to face (60 minutes)
  • Telephone (30 or 60 minutes)
  • Online instant messaging and online therapy , this using a safe and secure system which ensures and protects confidentiality (30 or 60 minutes)

Typically a therapy programme ranges between 8 -12 sessions, but will be dependent on the problem or problems which are being presented, this will be established with your therapist.

I have flexibility to offer further sessions beyond this range and rapid access to therapy allowing for those which require it. I endeavour to offer a form of therapy which most suits the individual’s needs/lifestyle and in particular for those who are working and unable to attend appointments.

I am able to offer sessions on:

  • Weekdays
  • Evenings
  • Saturday mornings

I am able to offer appointments which fit in with your lifestyle, flexibility to those who are working or perhaps don’t want or are unable to take time off from work to come to therapy appointments. I am able to offer limited spaces for home visits, please contact me to discuss this arrangement.